Saturday, December 21, 2013

APQ Quilt-a-Long Progress

I am been searching through the #APQquiltalong tags on all the social media to see how everyone is progressing along with their Tone it Down QAL. I have done all the cutting and piecing and completed one set of blocks ( 4 out of 20 ) with the orange centres.

You probably noticed that my version looks a little different from others. It is exactly the same block but with emphasis on different patches within the block.

My interpretation
Original Block
I selected 5 colours for the centres but kept the surrounding pieces quite uniform with the exception of the outer middle squares which are in a contrasting colour to the centre cross.

The layout of the finished quilt will be something like this. I have not decided whether to stick with the 3" sashing or be a rebel and finish with a 1" sashing.

1" sashing - single block corner stone
3" sashing with 9-patch cornerstone
The beauty of a pattern such as this is that it can be efficiently pieced. I divided my blocks into repeatable segments and strip pieced each segment, cutting them to the correct size, then chain pieced them to form a unit.  

Four important things to remember when cutting and piecing your blocks are:
  • Cut accurately
  • Pin
  • Be consistent with your seams
  • Slow down
and most importantly starch is your friend. It gives body to the fabric and makes piecing easier. 

Tomorrow I leave for the Christmas break and fly to Sydney. I will be taking my sewing machine to continue with these blocks. Hopefully, I will have more to show by next week.

Don't forget to visit these blogs to see how they are progressing and find some helpful hints and tips to guide you through the QAL.


  1. Really like your interpretation.
    Merry everything to you!
    Andi :-)

  2. I like your twist on the block! Also, it is a tough choice between the sashing options but I think I like the 1" sashing best :) can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Be a rebel. The 1" would look fantastic with your fresh take on the block.

  4. Love the quilt - so scrappy, my favorite

  5. lol Jane your already a rebel. I like the 1" boarder the quilt will look great and I agree starch is everybody's best friend. Love it!!

  6. Really like your version of the quilt! Makes me want to make one like yours :)

  7. I love your interpretation of the pattern, and the colours you are using! I really like the 1" sashing , but either look great. The fourth tip of Slow Down is a great one. Too often we rush things in our busy lives, I know I'm guilty of that.

  8. I vote for the one inch sashing--loving your interpretation!

  9. I love the script fabric that you use in the blocks......this is such a great pattern.....

  10. I love your blocks: the grey in the center is a great new interpretation on an old traditional block! And I love the quilt with the 1" sashing: it pulls all the blocks together into a cohesive whole: looks great!! Thanks for sharing. :-) Hugs, H in Healdsburg (CA)

  11. I think your quilt is amazing. It was hard to wrap my head around that this is the same pattern as all the others. But that's what I love about quilting!


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